Restaurant Owners

Add a revenue stream…
while helping end food waste.

Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

Sell every meal…and gain new customers.

How does it work?

Consumers use the Flavour Savers app to get special prices on pickup orders

If you have a cancelled order, too much of something, or you added rice when they asked for pasta, you can still sell the meal. With Flavor Savers!

Post the meal on FlavorSavers and someone will buy it for take-out.

1. Snap a pic

2. Name the meal

3. Choose a price

4. Post on FlavorSavers

5. Wait for pick-up!

Gain new customers

When you join Flavor Savers, you gain exposure to a whole new group of people in your area who will learn to love the food you prepare.
  • Join Flavor Savers for a monthly subscription fee
  • We handle payment & provide full reporting
  • Watch your money roll in & help end food waste!
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