The story behind our mission

Hi, my name is Gena. I am a working mom with lots of mouths to feed! This means that wasting food is not an option at home or at work.

After working 20 years in the food industry , I developed a passion and respect for food. I started noticing that too many businesses were struggling with food waste and being “stuck” with too much inventory. Most of the time, this was caused by short shelf life, cancelled orders, over-forecasting, not enough storage space, slower moving items, changes in trends and seasonal demands, the list goes on and on. The struggle is REAL. Ultimately, it all adds up to a lot of inventory in the back rooms, which is tied up space and tied up inventory. Most of the time, the product expires and then sent to off to the landfills. This seems like a quick fix, but this waste instantly cuts into profitability or resulting in pay cuts, job losses and less cash flow.

When I took a step back, I realized that I wanted to do something to help. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to help change this vicious cycle of wastefulness. There is too much hunger in our communities and too many people who would love to order some of these products at a discount. Perfectly good product that is meant to be eaten and enjoyed. The only thing getting in the way is, how will people purchase this product and how can we make this process easier.

The Flavor Savers App was created the very next day!

The Flavor Savers App is a platform where companies can post their excess food products at a discounted price, to help sell through their overstock before it expires. If there are any food products that are not sold on the app prior to the expiration date, we will help redirect it to a local food bank or soup kitchen in your own community.  It’s a win-win!

The Flavor Savers App can be used to sell items that you just have too much of, perhaps a discontinued item, or maybe a seasonal item that you have to much of after the season is done.

If you want to join us in our mission, tell your customers to download the Flavor Savers App to follow your weekly specials. We will support you every step of the way!

Let’s work together and drive your overstock into the hands and of our industry and your community.

Food should be eaten. Not wasted.

Are you a distributor or manufacturer? Sign up for the Flavor Savers App, we would love to have you join our mission.