Our story behind the mission

Hi, my name is Gena. I’m a working Mom with lots of mouths to feed! This means that wasting food is not an option in our home. We are conscious of the struggles that so many face when it comes to providing your family with good food, buying takeout, or even splurging on dining out at a restaurant.

I’m familiar with what happens in the restaurant industry. People cancel their orders and change their minds, staff make mistakes, and ingredients can expire before they’ve been used. It all adds up to lots of waste. Delicious, lovingly prepared food typically goes straight into the compost, or more often the landfill.

After reading an article in the Globe and Mail, I learned that 9% of all food waste in Canada stems from the restaurant/hotel industry. I knew I wanted to do something to help make a change and make a

When I took a step back, I realized that we could come together as a community to reduce food waste and help people save money on delicious prepared foods.

Flavor Savers was born the next day!

If you want to help end food waste now and save money while eating the food you love and maybe trying something new, join our mission. Download Flavor Savers today. Help us help restaurants eliminate food waste, and you can find amazing deals on delicious meals in your area.

Got a favorite restaurant that’s not using our app? Do them a favor: tell them about Flavor Savers!